World In Flow

Virtual Reality Journey

A five minute Virtual Reality journey and exploration of a World in Flow.

This is a seated experience that work best with a rotating office chair, which provides a comfortable way to turn and look all around.

Runs on Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers.

Music by Bobby Rose.


This experience provides an exploration of various forms of flow: dust eddies, flies, downward rainfall, river flow, rippling surface of a lake, swaying seaweed, schooling fish, etc. Each of these “flows” are computationally generated behaviors: moving, rippling, bouncing, falling, floating, or flocking for examples. Each behavior represents an opportunity for interaction and play for the viewer. Each behavior can be disrupted, controlled, impacted by the player.


The viewer impacts the environment, and the environment impacts the viewer, say by engulfing the player, making him/her feel small, or taking the player for a ride. In this way, the piece is also an exploration of viewer sensation.

    Shown At:

    • VRLA – Los Angeles Convention Center, May 4-5, 2018
    • CHI 2018 Art Show – Palais des Congrès, Montreal, Canada – April 24-26 2018
    • Community Empowerment – Vista Community Center – March 18, 2018
    • Dance at BRICK – BRICK, San Diego – November 21, 2017
    • AR/VR Festival – The Fleet Science Center, San Diego –  October 21, 2017
    • Synesthesia Art Show, by Code Kitchen – MJD Interactive, San Diego – September 23, 2017