Virtual Reality

These virtual reality experiences are developed for Oculus Rift and Quest headsets, and Oculus Touch controllers.

They have been shown at a number of art shows and have been enjoyed by all ages and backgrounds. They are gentle experiences.


World in Flow

Virtual Reality Project



Sensitive Being

Virtual Reality Experience



What is required for a viewer to have an identity in an immersive piece? What is it that creates a sense of presence and immersion?

Who am I? At minimum, the visitor is a viewpoint. The viewer can look around by turning their head. The peripheral vision and the full-body engagement of simply turning one’s head or entire body, has immense impact on how it feels to be in a virtual environment, compared to looking at a rectangular framed screen. 

The Art of Immersion

A viewer’s sensibility is much impacted by the sheer sense of scale.

He/she is surrounded by the environment. For example, being in the center of a flow, such as schooling fish rushing past you on all sides and above and below, is a stimulating sensation: the environment impacts the viewer.


Another element that contributes to a sense of immersion and identity for the viewer is how the viewer impacts the environment.

I seek to create sensitive environments. Each gesture of hands or head or locomotion activates the environment. In this way the visitor feels the impact of their own presence, rather than being a passive observer.

Photos taken at In-Part Show at Mesa College Art gallery, San Diego, November 2019.

Virtual Reality Artwork

An Oculus Quest wireless headset and controllers. No PC or laptop is needed for the experience.

VR Weekly Challenge

For the Year of 2021 I participated in a Year of VR Art, weekly challenge, with the VR Art Live group.

Every week I created a new artwork from scratch using VR art tools. I used mostly Tilt Brush and Gravity Sketch and usually finished in the Unity game engine where I enhance the works with animation, particles, shader effects, audio, interactivity etc. I posted these weekly explorations as short videos on Instagram and my other social media.

Social VR

Also I really enjoy the community of international VR artists who also participated in this challenge. They live all over the world: US, Europe, Asia, Australia…

You may be wondering how we get together!? We visit VR worlds together. It’s inspiring seeing the art that they create and sharing tips on tools and tech.

It’s also interesting getting to know some of the VR social platforms. I have created a couple of worlds on the VRChat platform. If you have a VR headset then befriend me and come visit my worlds!

My VRChat name is LucyBW.

A World on VR Chat

Bioluminescent Cave: A cave for the discovery of unearthly bioluminescence.