Lucy Boyd-Wilson

Virtual Reality Artist

Lucy Boyd-Wilson is a mixed reality and digital artist living in San Diego, CA.

Inspired by the flows and processes of natural environments, she evokes a sensation of wonder for vibrant living worlds.

She creates “Worlds in Motion” and places the viewer within, surrounded, enveloped. In an exploration of interactivity and immersion, she is always inquiring “What combination of stimulating and absorbing and meditative can be achieved?”

Her creations use various immersive and interactive technologies. She creates virtual Reality experiences for the profound full-body first-person immersion of VR.

Augmented Reality (AR) is another interesting technology for displaying animated art. AR allows users to view animated experiences on their phones, and view those animations in their immediate physical location.

She also creates immersive experiences using optical tracking devices (such as MS Kinect) and projected visuals. This type of immersion allows viewers to explore her artwork without needing any gear: No controllers, no headset, no instructions needed.

Lucy Boyd-Wilson studied Mathematics and Computer Science at McGill University in Montreal and worked as a software developer creating animation tools for the film industry, and then as a video-game developer. Now she works independently creating virtual reality as an experiential artist and other animated and interactive experiences.



  • Raised in rural Surrey, England and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • B.A. Mathematics & Computer Science, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1984
  • M.Sc. Computer Science, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1987
  • B.F.A. Studio Arts (part-time, incomplete), Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1988-1997.
  • Lived in Montreal from 1981 to 2001, studying and then working as a graphics and animation software developer.
  • Moved to San Diego, California in 2001, where she worked as a video-game developer.
  • Now developing vr and other animated and interactive experiences.

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As a child I ran about in the fields and woods. I clambered around the roots and branches of trees and squeezed through hedges. I’d follow my cat through cat-sized tunnels in thickets and discovered her places, enclosed in the centers of dense bushes. Secret places that only I and all the other small creatures knew about. It was a tactile world. Everything was in motion and so was I.

This was how I began. And this is what I seek to express: a sense of belonging in our natural world, a world that is vibrant, complex, chaotic, resilient. But resilient only up to a point.

I create environments of motion. And my question is always: What does it feel like?



There are three key modalities by which we experience the world: Visual, Aural/Sound and Kinesthetic. Most of us are more strongly aligned with one or two of these modalities. I am kinesthetic: I am drawn to touch and motion and balance. In the experiences I create, the three modalities are equally important. My pieces derive their impact equally from:

  • the visuals (color, texture, lighting, graphics…)
  • the music and audio effects,
  • and kinesthetic sensation.

But it is specifically to achieve the kinesthetic dimension that I use the mediums of VR and large scale displays and even physical installation.


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