Festival Camp Domes

Colorful domes for festival camping!

I designed the first version of this dome structure in 2005, and made occasional modifications to the design over the years.

It is made out of PVC pipe which is supported by 6 custom “stakes”. It is roughly 20 feet diameter and 7 feet high.

For the covers, I was lucky to have a friend give me 3 or 4 retired hot-air balloons. So the REAL sewing and color design was done by amazing hot-air balloon creators. I created a pattern for the dome cover (out of a tarp), and cut out the pieces from the hot-air balloon rip-stop fabric, and reassembled the pieces into dome covers. If anyone recognizes the original hot-air balloons, from which these dome covers are made, please let me know. I’d love to make that connection and recognize the original balloon artists!

These domes have been to a number of Burning Mans. I have to say they are an excellent size for week-long camping. Enough space for sleeping, cooking and eating, chilling, and of course costuming… ALSO, they take only 30 mins to put up by a single person, are really stable in high winds, and have no need of guy-lines (which means no tripping over lines in the dark of night or in a raging wind-storm).

Installed At:

  • The Fire Garden – Bonsall, San Diego, 2005 – present (2020)
  • Burningman & various other festivals