Projection Display

I express our natural environments as immense vibrant spaces of colorful life and place the viewer in the environment, in the artwork, surrounded. A sense of immersion is a way to express our small place within our lands. Scale via a large projection display is a way to create that immersive sensibility.

Cucina Italiana Restaurant

Anniversary Celebration

I was engaged to provide a colorful festive environment at the anniversary celebration of Cucina Italiana Restaurant.

A selection of my animations played throughout the event projected on a large wall.

Projection Shows:

  • MoCA L.I.ghts 2022 – Projected Installations by PAC MOCA – Patchogue, NY – October 13 – 16, 2022
  • Mid-Summer Party – Solana Beach, Ca – August 2022
  • Celestial Moon Celebration – Celestial Moon Retreat, Vista, Ca – August 2022
  • Anniversary Celebration – 2051 Cucina Italiana Restaurant, Carlsbad, Ca – February 2022
  • Creatures Art Show by Code Kitchen – Konrad King, San Diego – November 2018
  • Dance at BRICK – BRICK, San Diego – November 2017