Mixed Reality

Interactive Digital Art

I use a Microsoft Kinect camera device for creating interactive projection pieces. This is also sometimes known as Mixed Reality (MR) or Extended Reality (XR).

These artworks are displayed large by projection or video wall or other large display technology.

When a visitor enters the installation space, they recognize their silhouette in the display. The viewers’ silhouette and body motion can interact with the graphical world. In this way the viewer becomes part of the artwork.

An advantage of using optical tracking technology is that gallery visitors don’t need to use any gear: No controllers, no headset, no instructions needed. Unencumbered interaction!

I’m interactive artist and my work Interactive art

Visitors can see themselves in the art and can interact, explore or even play!

With my art I express natural environments. So I am drawn to place the viewer in the artwork, in the environment, surrounded. We are always part of our environments. We always have an impact. We are part of the flow.

The Art of Immersion

I like the immersive art qualities of this medium: To fill a space with sound and projected visuals, interactive simulated imagery, allowing multiple viewers to enter the space unencumbered by devices. A style of immersion quite different from a virtual reality experience.

Third-Person Identity

Also I am enjoying displaying the viewer in a third-person perspective, yet fully-integrated into the simulated world, and interactive. Again, distinct from the first-person sensibility of a virtual reality experience.


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