Immersive Art

Immersive Art

Lucy’s immersive art expresses the sensitive ebbs and flows of our natural environment. Sometimes representational and sometimes fantastical, the art surrounds the viewer as mesmerizing environments and lets the viewer fully engage in those virtual worlds.

Immersive digital art

What are the elements that contribute to an immersive experience?

Scale is an important factor. I place the viewer inside an environment, rather than looking at an object or a screen. I create experiences that envelope the viewer.

Peripheral vision is closely connected to our kinesthetic sense of balance. Thus being entirely surrounded within an environment actually FEELS different than looking at the same scene on a screen or monitor or phone.

Audio is also an important immersive modality. We can hear what is behind and around us, even if we can’t see it. Audio calls our attention to look around.

Another element is the Use of our Bodies. The full-body engagement of looking all around (and up and down and behind us) to fully experience the world, is a physical sensation, very different from facing in only one direction when looking at a screen.

Another use of our bodies is allowing the user to reach out and interact with hand motion and gestures. What happens when we reach out? How Responsive is the world? What impact do we have on the environment?

What are the rhythms of the piece? The cause and effect of interacting with an environment contributes to the sense of immersion. The viewer is not simply a passive observer. The viewer can actively participate.